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Join Saraswati Sangeet Sadhana and Become a Instructor of any of your Subject related Art Music Dance Yoga Abacus or Extra Culicular Activities . 

How to become a teacher

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    You are a Instructor or Teacher of your subject but Our user don,t know your teaching qualities . So We have to explain our course details in right and simple format .Register now by filling he teacher form with some mendatatoy details.After seeing all details we approve your form and you can develope your courses very easily in our website .
    Rules - 1 . Take Class with Punctuality on Respected Day & Time.2. After two classes you got your fees.3. Share the notes or instructiona to students .4. If you take class on another day then inform the student & admin staff. And reshedule class another day .5. Make proper planning of lessions to be taught .
    You can start with a free course or Paid one . Arrange all data related your course - Notes , Lesson , Curriculam of course , Duration of course , Class duration etc..
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