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Join Saraswati Sangeet Sadhana and Become a Instructor of any of your Subject related Art Music Dance Yoga Abacus or Extra Culicular Activities . 

How to become a teacher

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    You are a Instructor or Teacher of your subject but Our user don,t know your teaching qualities . So We have to explain our course details in right and simple format . Register now by filling he teacher form with some mendatatoy details. After seeing all details we approve your form and you can develope your courses very easily in our website .
    Rules - 1 . Take Class with Punctuality on Respected Day & Time. 2. After two classes you got your fees. 3. Share the notes or instructiona to students . 4. If you take class on another day then inform the student & admin staff. And reshedule class another day . 5. Make proper planning of lessions to be taught .
    You can start with a free course or Paid one . Arrange all data related your course - Notes , Lesson , Curriculam of course , Duration of course , Class duration etc..
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